Difference between synthetics and semi-synthetics.

synthetics and semi-syntheticsCar owners often have a matter of choice of semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.
Synthetics can tolerate low temperatures and overheating, ensures safe operation of the engine in winter and summer, as retains the necessary viscosity performance under heavy load and operation at high speeds. Chemical resistance is the lack of response in the interaction of the oil, its properties for a long time do not change.

Semi-synthetics are more stable than mineral oils, but yield to synthetic s, but it should be preferred in certain circumstances. If a car is with significant mileage, it is necessary to fill in semi-synthetics, because synthetics give high carbon monoxide. Semi-synthetic oil should be changed more frequently. Compared with the semi-synthetics synthetics is not afraid of heat and cold. Longer keeps service properties, it protects the engine against wear. It change less frequently than synthetic one.

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