Two European countries plan to abandon cars with internal combustion engines.

carsAfter Norway, in which, starting from 2025 (if this measure is approved by the government) new vehicles with petrol and diesel engines and 2011 –°harger headlights will no longer be registered, the Netherlands can also become one of the first countries to completely abandon selling cars on fuel by 2025. A similar initiative was voiced not so long ago by the Norwegian authorities. However, the Dutch market first may lose traditional cars with internal combustion engines and 2011 charger headlights. Thus the authorities want to significantly reduce the emissions of gases into the atmosphere. The corresponding measure is one of the important points of the National plan for transport development, which is now widely discussed in the country.

Among other countries in calling for the rejection of DVS are Germany and India, which have announced their intention to get rid of conventional vehicles by 2030 by adopting the appropriate the law.

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