2012 Toyota Camry review

Look up mid size family sedan in dictionary you’ll probably see a picture of this the Toyota Camry, thing as it faces a lot of stiff competition so Toyota one back made a bunch of updates what keeping the basic family recipe the same. We bought several cameras to find out just how well they did. The most popular cameras and Ellie 4 cylinder like this. Here 4 cylinder engine. Smooth provides good acceleration, and top of class pew economy. The 4 cylinder deftly gets the job done you don’t need more power but if you want you can get a V6 like in this XLE, V6 here this engine, has plenty of power it’s very smooth surprisingly fuel economy only drops one mile per gallon overall compared the 4 cylinder, that’s a really impressive combination. But if it’s maximum fuel economy you what you’re going to want to get the hybrid fuel economy is improved compared to the last Camry hybrid system it works very effectively very efficiently and very smoothly.

 Toyota CamryA camera has long been known for having a quiet cabin uncomfortable ride and that really hasn’t changed. The right it’s very compliant very absorbent it’s also more tie down than it used to be not as floating. Noise levels are impressively low but there is a touch more road noise than there used to be in the camera. The cameras no sports sedan but Toyota did improve its handling steering is responsive now has a decent way to it it isn’t overly light however it’s a bit short on feedback and that’s what keeps the car from being all that entertaining to drive. Toyota does build a sporty version the camera called the Camry at sea we tried that out unfortunately the steering doesn’t have any more feedback and the right becomes downright step would skip that car just stick to other versions. Driver visibility is pretty good at the camera that’s thanks to that conservative operate styling we should lots a glass area all the way around these roof pillars they’re also well shaped that reduces their profile you can also get a blind spot monitoring system which works well. For additional information on Toyota Camry headlights view link http://u-lightled.com/toyota-camry/headlights.html.

Toyota is very proud that all versions the camera come with a padded stitched dashboard top that does look nice but you start to look around. See the hard headliner. Cheap looking carpet some cheap black panels on the console near realized this is not a luxury car it has a pretty common family car interior. Intruder mostly simple with one exception the touch screen radio crams all the precept buns really tightly together and they’re small but makes a hard push the one you want also on the base radio. Changing radio most requires more steps that are really necessary. Our camera actually V6 has the optional in team system they usually your cellphone as a data connection to provide information on whether stocks.

Sports can even do Bing searches with it but also provides voice control for some function it even includes an inexpensive navigation system. Toad offers a more full featured more expensive system must people be happy with this one. Beyond the electronics the camera gets a lot of the basics right inside of the cabin. Plenty of room in the front the front seats are comfortable and accommodating. There’s also plenty of room in the backseat lots of headroom lots of legroom that’s important for a family sedan like this one. So the cameras not that exciting to drive but other than that it’s really hard fought this car provides the affordable roomy fuel efficient transportation that many people want and need.

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