Nissan Titan PRO-4X Test Drive

Nissan Titan PRO-4XWe think it full size truck you probably think in American you’ve got ram formally known as Dodge got the Silverado from shabby you got the award winning Ford F. 150 you should also fake about our friends from Japan here we have the 2012 Nissan type cut of a full size pickups and they don’t come cheap the Nissan Titan is no exception starting price for the base trim is about 28 $0 and you can shoot all the way up to $40000 you get your S. SV SL trams but the 1 we’re Drivin. The pro 4 X designed to go off road. Because we’re standing next to this pro 4 X. trim you think would be ready to go off road and you’re right part of that is because of these mightily beefy BFGoodrich rugged trail, a tired behind them our set of top rated Rancho shocks that could handle the bombs and the right you’re gonna find when you leave the asphalt it’s all tucked behind these alloy wheels which will look dirty and the hold much but there’s the big spaces you can hose off on top of that we also like this cool little compartment right here. Pop the key and pull it down and you’ve got some storage.

You get your Nissan Titan either a king cab or a crew cab both of them are 4 doors but the king cab a smaller rear doors this as you can see. Sick of the pro 4 X is beep beep crew cab tons of. Easy ways to get in and out of this car additionally come to the back here. Full detail down Vargas sprayed in bedliner and some great stories systems party in place. Because this is a truck you going to be going in and out of this backspace Nissan has made this liftgate really easy to use Papa down don’t have to hold it all fall down by itself. Put back up it’s an easy one hand operation. Anytime you’re dealing with a Nissan vehicle that is beefy like this pro 4 X tighten you’re talking about the V8 5.6 liter engine under the hood you know it’s going to be there. 370 horsepower 385 pound feet organ in this application is paired with a 5 speed automatic across all trends.

Trucks aren’t cheap and the Nissan Titan pro 4 X is no exception is the $40000 vehicle and it’s built to be a comfortable home base after a day of running the trail for killing it at work you’ve got these great seats that feel like almost a neoprene material they’re sure to be good for a water bottle every drawn there top that you’ve got this commanding view the road from the captain’s chair here he’s got great leg room for the people back in you got storage galore you’ve got little cubby holes got the center console on top that need more storage but at this. You’ve got this you’ve got this look at this you got this is a town of storage. I thought they wanna let a little more air into the cabin you could do that with that rear window back there fueled slider once those are fine but this is a $40000 trucks we want a little more just a touch a luxury.

It’s fun. And it’s down and it’s down quickly close back up. Still the space back. This drives like a truck and that’s a great thing these days is everybody’s moving to cross over car chassis is we don’t want that in a vehicle like this is the pro 4 X we want to take off road won a slam it down a dusty trail and with that EP BP 5.6 liter engine we can do just that on top of that the seating is comparable the visibility is great. Gauges are easy to read it’s a good cabin for when you’re driving day or night. Super HID Nissan Titan headlights and led tail lights. Dark road with no lighting or down the highway it’s comfortable but it’s still a truck and that’s what we like. Enter space here is plush and comfortable but for 40000 oaks would like a little bit more luxury side.

Should be a navigation unit here it’s nice that we have the 4 wheel drive on the fly and we do appreciate the Rockford Fosgate sound system which can get bass heavy at times but other than that there should be a little bit more luxury here sure we’ve got power seats but maybe they should be power heated seats. Just something to bring it up a notch and help it compete more strongly with the likes of the Ford F150 the Silverado for any you can get it done echo boosted Ford F150 which is an amazing truck for less much less than the cost of this trial. All told were big fans of the overall aggressive styling here of the pro 4 X. trim tight. Sits up high it’s got these awesome wields great suspension comfortable seating for you and your friends. Price is a little high compared the competition you’re not getting some of the features that you’re going to find in the likes of the Chevy Silverado or the Ford F. 150 that said it’s nice to stand out from the crowd a little bit everybody’s buying American trucks you know can go wrong here by the Titan. You might have spent a little extra points.

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